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Seven Sleepers Cave

How to go to Cave of the Seven Sleepers in Selcuk İzmir Turkey? Transportation Info

Who are the Seven Sleepers?cave-of-seven-sleepers

Seven Sleepers legend is a very famous and a real legend because it is based on holly books of Christianity and Islam. Although there are many legends about the grotto of the Seven Sleepers, the most common legend dates back to the time of the decade of the emperor Decius, who reigned in the 3rd century BC. The legend says like this: Seven people who escaped the persecution of the emperor Decius had fled to caves in Panayir Mountain and slept for 200 years. Today, four floors of these caves have been unearthed. There are two churches and many graves in these zone. However, the entrance to the church is not allowed because the cave is surrounded by wires.

How can I go to grotto of the Seven Sleepers in Selcuk İzmir Turkey?

Cave of the Seven Sleepers is located very near to Virgin Mary’s House, so when you arrived to Virgin Mary’s House, you will be also reached to Seven Sleepers cave. The House of Virgin Mary that located just above the Ephesus City in Selcuk district of İzmir province, is 6 km far from the Ephesus location. You can follow a number of methods to reach the Ephesus Ancient City and the House of Virgin Mary.

How to go to Cave of the Seven Sleepers with car?

If you want to go Seven Sleepers Cave in Selcuk İzmir with your private car, first of all, you should go to international way and need to go to Aydin province direction. If you moved from İzmir province center, this journey will last approximately 1 hour. When you arrived to Selcuk district, that means remaining journey is just 5 minutes now. This 5 minutes journey is a distance that you travel when you return to Kusadasi from Selcuk.

How can I go to Grotto of the Seven Sleepers with bus?

If you want to reach to Cave of the Seven Sleepers with a bus, you can use the minibuses that goes from İzmir to Selcuk bus terminal and then again get in to minibuse to move to Cave of the Seven Sleepers.

How can I go to Seven Sleepers cave myself with guide or with a tour?

And as final, if you want to go to cave by yourself with a guide or with a tour as team, you can join to tours that moves from Alsancak district, İzmir province. This tour arranges Ephesus Ancient City, Cave of the Seven Sleepers, House of Virgin Mary and village of Sirince journeys. So you can join them to go those places easily, securely and fast. Choice is yours.

Go from near the Virgin Mary Spring Water to Cave of the Seven

When you go to the Virgin Mary’s House, you will also can reach to Virgin Mary spring water  zone. There is a 3-eyed-fountain. Here is a mineral water fountain for tourists. Therefore you can see that many tourists fill their bottles with this “Mineral Water of the Virgin Mary”. And then when you see the “wish wall” that means you are in right way to go to Seven Sleepers’Cave. By clicking to link below, you can reach there easily.

If you want to use Google Map to go to Cave of the Seven Sleepers with your car, click here to go with Google Map.
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