Izmir Where To Visit

How is Izmir City?

Izmir is a city where people who know how to enjoy life, live in a contrasting atmosphere of great cities. Turkey’s third largest settlement and the chirping of a Mediterranean city though life does not mean living in a resort town in Izmir rush calmness. Including discovering places to see. Experience this European city with a long history of 8,500 years, warm-blooded people blending countless cultures since antiquity, and a sunny climate in every season. This is a starting point for Turkey’s leading tourist centers. When you get away from the center of the city and take a holiday, the most beautiful towns and villages of the Aegean are waiting for you with its unique personality. Golden sand beaches, turquoise blue sea, exquisite bays and beaches, exquisite delicacies, scrumptious boutique hotels. Away from hustle and bustle Go to Çeşme, Alaçatı, Karaburun, Kuşadası, Foça, Urla or Dikili, one of the most beautiful holiday resorts of the Aegean, and see historical heritages in Ephesus, Selçuk or Bergama.

Where To Visit In Izmir?

Izmir Clock Tower

Izmir Clock Tower: Begin to explore the city with a tour of Izmir, the meeting point of Izmir, Konak Square. Close to many places to visit on foot. The heart of Izmir is always crowded and crowded. Izmir Clock Tower, located in the middle of the square, is the symbol of the city. Abdülhamid was the gift of the 25th anniversary of his ascent to the throne. The 25-meter tall tower with four fountains, the German Emperor II. The gift of Wilhelm.

The clock works uninterruptedly since the date of construction. Located in the square, one of the beautiful mosques of Izmir, the 18th-century octagonal architecture of Konak Yalı Mosque is another star of the square with its striking Kutahya Tiles. At the beginning of the uphill slope of the Square, there are 2 beautiful museums to see.

İzmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum: The Archaeological Museum and the Ethnography Museum, which set off against the Gulf, take a journey to the ancient times of history, are located in the Bahribaba Park, which overlooks the Gulf. Ethnography Museum, 1831 for the victims of St. Petersburg. Rock Hospital. Later, he hosted Christian children. Visit the rooms describing the animation of Izmir’s first pharmacy and the construction of the evil eye bead. The artifacts extracted from the excavations at the ancient sites of the Aegean, such as Bayraklı (Smyrna), Ephesus, Pergamon, Miletus, Clazomenae, Teos and Iasos shed light on the history of Western Anatolia in the Izmir Archeology Museum. The ’Androklos Statue’ of the Roman Period dates back to Androklos, the founder of Ephesus.

How to go from Izmir to Ephesus?