Ephesus Palace Selcuk hotel

Ephesus Palace Hotel Selcuk
Ephesus Palace Selcuk Hotel
Selcuk Ephesus Palace Hotel
Selcuk Ephesus Hotel Palace
Selcuk Ephesus Palace triple Room Hotel
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Welcome to Ephesus Palace Selcuk hotel!

Decorated like Ottoman palaces, with a view of Selçuk (Ayasoluk) Castle; Ephesus Palace welcomes its guests with the best service possible. We are sure that it is the best among Selcuk Hotels and Sirince Hotels!

Differently from other Selcuk Hotels, as a family boutique hotel, we both live here and host our guests. We host our guests as if they are coming to our house and we provide a family atmosphere at all times!

We aim to make you feel at home

Hospitality is very important for Turks. The way we treat our guests is what defines us as a nation. The amount of happiness we get from making our guests have a great vacation is remarkable!

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We were rated Excellent among Selcuk Hotels

Some of the most extraordinary places you can visit near our hotel in Selcuk:

Also if you want to go to the beach, Selcuk is very near the Pamucak beach (about 8 km) and Yoncakoy beach (about 20km).

A testimonial from one of our guests at the hotel

A literal palace with ‘Mom’s Touch’

We were welcomed by the every lovely Handan on our first day. The room we stayed in was very spacious. With all three of us and our luggage, the huge room is a big plus. The place is also very clean. Compared to the experience we got, the price is surprisingly cheap.

Everyone at the hotel is really nice. They asked where we want to visit and helped make plan. So we get to see everything we want to.

The best part of our stay here is, in my opinion, the breakfast. The homemade jam was amazing. You need to try it. Don’t bother looking for a breakfast outside, just get breakfast at the hotel. It really give this hommade, mom’s touch vibe.

They also have this amazing warm french toast served during a meal. The lady will start making it when you enter the dining room. She makes sure you get to enjoy the toast while it’s hot. It’s a great way to start your day.